TOM’s Pasadena Grand Opening April 21 | FREE Milkshake | TOM’s Family Restaurant | Savor The Day™

Come join us and celebrate at the Grand Opening of the TOM’s NEW Pasadena location on April 21, 2016! You are officially invited to a day filled with good food, good people, fun activities and more!

TOM's Pasadena Grand Opening April 21

Everybody who shows up at the Grand Opening receives a FREE TOM’s Milkshake, on us! Yes, FREE TOM’s Milkshake in your choice of flavor. Now THAT’S how you “Savor The Day!”

Check out our time lapse and get hyped about TOM’s Pasadena Grand Opening!!

And, don’t forget to enter our #SavorTheDay Pasadena Instagram Contest! All entrants can show their contest entries during the Grand Opening and receive a FREE TOM’s Classic Hamburger. So, enter the contest and show up during the Grand Opening and you get a TOM’s Milkshake and Classic Hamburger on us — that’s pretty much a free meal! Just another way for us to show how excited we are to be a part of the Pasadena community!

View the details of our #SavorTheDay Pasadena Instagram Contest HERE.

TOM’s Family Restaurants is the Best Family Restaurant and Best Drive-Thru Restaurant in SoCal! View our full menu HERE and see what everyone is raving about!

With 22 convenient locations (and one coming soon in Pasadena!), you’re never too far away from a TOM’s Family Restaurant. To find the TOM’s location nearest you, click HERE. Stop by on April 21, 2016 at TOM’s Pasadena for our Grand Opening!

Don’t forget your TOM’s $2.00 Off Coupon HERE. Print it out and enjoy TOM’s at an even better price. Please note that the coupon cannot be combined with any other coupon or discount and is NOT valid on limited time only specials.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Grand Opening, TOM’s Nation!

TOM’s Family Restaurants. Savor The Day™.

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Oreo, Chocolate, Vanilla, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip, Pineapple or Strawberry!  There is sure to be a TOM’s Milkshake flavor guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth!  Do it Home Depot style and create your TOM’s Shake It Up Shake yourself with unlimited toppings for a limited time only!

Looking for more TOM’s Goodness?  The TOM’s Menu is filled with yummy meals that keep you coming back for more!  View the full TOM’s Menu HERE and find out why we are the Best Family Restaurant in Southern California.

TOM’s Family Restaurants has the Best Meals and Deals in the Los Angeles area!  With 22 convenient locations (and one more on the way in Pasadena!) … you’re never too far away from TOM’s!  To find the TOM’s nearest you, click HERE.

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What are you waiting for?!  Head to TOM’s Family Restaurant #8 and #19 to SHAKE IT UP! Only available at TOM’s #8 and #19 until August 20th!

TOM’s Family Restaurants.  Savor The Day™.